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Gerber balance plus kitchen knives

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Once your order has been received, it will be processed and shipped within three 3 business days. Delivery can take between business days depending on location and shipping option selected. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we understand that it is sometimes necessary to return an item. You may return item s purchased on gerbergear. Merchandise must be in unused, like-new condition. All refunds will be processed within seven 7 business days of receiving the returned item at our warehouse.

Timing of credit to your account will vary based on your financial institution. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer.

Gerber is not responsible for loss of product during freight to the Gerber facility. If you choose to send your product through the U. Contact Customer Service to initiate your return at or weborders gerbergear. Frequent light sharpening is recommended to ensure your blade is always sharp. Dull blades are far more dangerous than sharp blades. Can I send my Gerber knife to the factory to have it sharpened?

Gerber provides sharpening services that will put that factory edge back onto your Gerber knives. Gerber does not offer serration sharpening services. Complete Submission Form and return with product.

Will Gerber sharpen serrated knives? If not, why? Wear and tear on a knife edge is considered normal. Over the life of a knife, the edge will require several sharpening depending on usage. The advantage of a serrated edge is it will cut certain materials like rope and cardboard better than a straight edge almost 10 to 1. The disadvantage is that a serrated edge is more difficult to resharpen due to the irregular grooves. There is not an automated way to recreate the serrated edge after it is manufactured.

The Gerber factory does not provide sharpening services to serrated edges. I own a Gerber knife with a serrated edge. How do I sharpen the serrations? To sharpen a serrated knife edge, consider doing so with a round sharpener or a similar style stone.THERE are so many brands of kitchen knives on the market today - each one boasting some technological advantage over the next - that consumers are understandably perplexed.

A set of quality knives is one of the most important investments a cook can make, and one of the most expensive, so it pays to shop around. From time to time I test new knives and report on brands that I find to be superior. Admittedly, my testing method is unscientific and subjective. I use various knives for chopping, slicing, carving and dicing and then rate them on several criteria: comfort in the hand, balance, cutting performance and durability.

Just as each person's hand is different, so are knife designs, and the only way to tell if a knife is for you is to hold it - and, if possible, use it before buying. I recently experimented with two brands of ''weighted'' knives and found them to be exceptionally well designed. Ideally, the weight of a knife blade should be in close proportion to that of the handle to facilitate precise cutting.

The extra weight in the handle is especially helpful when you are doing a lot of dicing or mincing - the equal weight of both ends of the knife makes it easier to rock the knife over the vegetables while dicing.

A line of knives made by Gerber, a company based in Portland, Ore. The knives have high-carbon stainless-steel blades and comfortably designed handles with a rough, almost sandpaperlike surface that is intended to prevent slippage.

The handles are made of aluminum with a rough epoxy finish. Some may find this surface unpleasant, so it is advisable to check it yourself. The other line of knives, called Marks Exaktor, has many of the same features - forged high-carbon stainless-steel blades, weighted handles and comfortable grips. If anything, the knives feel a bit sturdier and heavier in the hand. Once again, personal preference will dictate which is for you.

The Marks Exaktor inch chef's knife recently was tested by The Cook's Magazine, along with 14 other wellknown brands, and the Marks knife came out on top, with ratings of excellent across the board for design and various functions.

I would concur that is it a fine knife for the price. Marks Exaktor knives have handles made of sleek black polypropylene. The company also makes a line of nearly identical knives called Ironwood.Knowing I was a fanatic about my kitchen knives, I was given a set of Gerber Balance Plus for my 40th birthday 25 years ago! The white background is an online, industry photo — the black background is mine.

From what I can tell in the original photo; the blade edge and the bolster are supposed to be nearly even. Does that seem correct? I was looking at a diagram of knife parts. The Balance Plus seem to have a ricasso but the ChefChoice has tried to sharpen it.

Field Test: The Gerber Bear Grylls Hatchet

It needs to be fixed, too, correct? So that it looks similar to the following…. I am going to measure what the current angle is just out of curiosity as to what angle the ChefsChoice was actually working the blade. One guy called it tool steel. I would concentrate on the pointed end and work back with each the smaller knives profile appears to have two hollows if you want them to function properly then you will have an awful lot to take off each knife especially if you want the correct proportions.

It will take a long time to do.

Rescuing Gerber Balance Plus

I would suggest that you keep rolling the cutting edges on glass to spot the hollows. If these were not your own knives I would say they are to far gone for the labour over the value of the knives to repair. I include an image of a stock chefs knife to give you an idea and an image of a MAC knife I did it probable took three hours to do.

If it is high speed tool steel then it will be very hard going. The positive side is it will hone your skills these are more difficult in many ways than a small bladed pen knife. I would recommend that you restore both knives the experience will be priceless ; it will train your eye and you will learn to avoid these vulnerable spots when doing other peoples knives plus the longer the blade the harder it can be to avoid disrupting the geometry of the edge profile particularly if your sharpening movements are not fluid.

I find at least on the EP that I start my sharpening cycles at the pointed end since it is so easy to create a dip in the profile just forward of the heel. I would perhaps recommend that you go to a kitchen store and look carefully at a similar knife so you know what to emulate. The way they are right now will prevent them from functioning properly. I fox these types of issues all the time on knives I sharpen… I really need to do a tutorial on how to grind down the return on a knife to hopefully help others out.

If you are going to fix that yourself then you definitely need to use either a belt sander 1 choice for speed or a file to rough it in. Then you can progress through the weps stones on the return to give it a nice polish. If that very top picture is a brand new knife, they sorta handicap you to begin with. Like Leo has shown… it needs to hit flat or with a slight curve if you like to rock the knife.

The other issue to check is, if you remove too much, then you knuckles start hitting the cutting board. Pretty much the same idea though. I have a sense of the cross-section and what metal needs to come off in re-profiling. I can more-or-less visualize what the return area can look like.

gerber balance plus kitchen knives

These knives long ago lost their ability to chop right up to the heel. Or, attempt to, at least. And if not mistakes, then I will gain great pleasure in bringing these knives back near their purpose and seeing these knives sharp!! The fillet knife and the paring knives should be wonderful with a WE edge on them.The compact folding fillet knife packs up securely so there's no excuse not to have it on hand when you reel in the big one.

Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability. With 3 mounting positions and 3 ergonomic grips, this triple threat is ready wherever and however you call it to action.

The Center-Drive was born from one genius concept: to operate like the real, full size tools you depend on. No gimmicks, no BS. It's a mobile toolbox that works like the real thing. By subscribing, you agree to the terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Randy Newberg Signature Series Two innovative field dressing knives. Shop Now.

Stop Animation. Slay the Fillet The compact folding fillet knife packs up securely so there's no excuse not to have it on hand when you reel in the big one. Triple Threat Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability. Reality Check The Center-Drive was born from one genius concept: to operate like the real, full size tools you depend on. Need more Gerber? First name. Last name. E-mail address.

Yes, I would like to receive e-mail from Gerber. We're happy to have you on board. It seems we're having technical difficulties. Please try again later. We are sorry. It seems we have currently technical difficulties.It's dearer to their hearts than the secret ingredient of a favorite recipe.

gerber balance plus kitchen knives

It's stronger than spinach and sharper than Don Rickles' wit. And nobody can touch it without special permission.

gerber balance plus kitchen knives

It's knives. Chefs' knives, slicers, parers, cleavers.

Gerber Legendary Blades

Henckels, Wusthof, Gerber, Sabatier. Chop, carve, slice 'n' dice. OK, we may exaggerate on the awe-inspiring reverence accorded cutlery. Cafe Royal's Peter Schaffrath still uses the Henckels he bought during his apprentice days -- 20 years ago.

As popular as it is, costly Henckels isn't the only brand out there. A number of quality American and European lines exist at various prices, and it seems like the knives have 1, styles, so how does one choose? Carbon steel, stainless or a combination? Forged or stamped blade? Wood handle or plastic? German, American or Ginzu II? Their requisite basic set 8- to inch chefs, boning, and paring knives and a steel must be hardy but affordable.


Is it balanced? Is it a full tang? If it's riveted, does it have three rivets or only two? What type of handle, wood or polyurethane?Advertise on this site. Home About CutlersCove. We buy clean and in excellent or better condition the following: Hot List of wanted items! We are interested in your knives and are always buying if your offer is reasonable and you have quality items. If you ask us if we are interested in what you have for sale without a asking price we will not respond.

Save time and send us your offer with a asking price. Make us an offer with a purchase price for all the knives you have for sell. We will say yes or no to your offer. Its that simple! Remember we pay fast by money order when we buy your knives! We are always interested in what you have for sell but generally we are only interested in quality vintage knives, knives that are not current, that is they are out of production.

More details. At this time we are not buying Balisong, Butterfly, switchblade or automatic knives. How we grade your knives. Another way to grade a knife is to list what is different about the knife compared to a new one. How to sell to us: Click here. We do not normally need photos and if we do we will let you know.

Do not send photos until we ask for them. This will save you time and work. We look for knives made in the quality manufacturing centers around the world including: Sheffield, England Solingen, Germany Maniago, Italy Seki, Japan Toledo, Spain United States of America We do not buy knives with broken blades or with handle parts missing. Most early Al Mar's in any condition. If you are not sure about what you have for sale email us. We can not respond to any offers to sell that do not have a asking price and we are always buying.

We are no longer buying knives We are no longer buying knives. Vintage Kershaw Fixed Blades: Early Kershaw's from to Military Boot Knife Model made in Germany Hunting knives; ; ; and all with phenolic and brass finger grip handles.

Kershaw catalogs and price sheets from to in excellent or better condition. Vintage Gerber Fixed Blades:. Gerber sharpening steels and kits before



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